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Scrip Online Purchasing Terms:

  • Items denoted with an asterisk indicate a Gift Card.  Call number on back or check store website for balance.
  • Scrip purchases made online will be charged a transaction/shipping fee between 3 to 3.5%
  • If you buy online, you can choose to either pick up the cards in person, or have them mailed to you.  Please note that, if you choose to have cards mailed, Mary Woodward holds no responsibility if the cards are lost in transit.
  • Please note that there are NO RETURNS and NO REPLACING lost cards.


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2018/2019 Scrip Dates

We are offering Scrip sales once a month. The schedule is as follows:
Collection DatePick-Up Date
Monday, 9/10Thursday, 9/13
Monday, 10/8Thursday, 10/11
Friday, 11/2Thursday, 11/8
Monday, 12/10Thursday, 12/13
Monday, 1/14Thursday, 1/17
Friday, 2/15Thursday, 2/21
Monday, 3/4Thursday, 3/7
Monday, 4/8Thursday, 4/11
Monday, 5/6Thursday, 5/9
Monday, 6/3Thursday, 6/6

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