The results are in, and we’d like to congratulate the top lap runners in each grade:

  • Kindergarten: Zendejas Covarrubias, Israel Brito-Castro & Avery Schwoebel
  • 1st Grade: Nicole Baxter & William Houget
  • 2nd Grade: Mara Reynolds & Emmett Schwoebel
  • 3rd Grade: Kenzi Faler & Grant Gateley
  • 4th Grade: Sydney Joule & Paul Hretcanu
  • 5th Grade: Addison Bayne, Leah Heidt, Micah Gateley & Zander Martin

We also would like to congratulate and thank our top fundraisers in each grade: Rowan Cresswell, Olivia Rueck, Maceo Blasquez, Andrin Tiedemann, Jameson Jones & Peyton Backlund.

We are still short of our fundraising goal and have only had ~60% of envelopes turned in. If you are still holding on to pledges and donations, please turn them in to the office to help support all the activities the PSO funds, which benefit all students!